13. Let’s Pray Together for The Retreat

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13. Let’s Pray Together for The Retreat


    Our retreat for 2021 is coming up soon. We had 2 retreats together so far and, on each retreat,

God has been so faithful to us and blessed us. We could not do it last year because of COVID, but

it is very thankful that we can have it this year. So far, we have 15 people going to the retreat this

year and every single one of us are in different life stages and stories. We also have a VIP coming

with us as well. I am personally very thankful that we have a VIP coming to the retreat this year.


    As Grace and I have been preparing this retreat, I felt two things that are very strong that seems

like God wants me to focus on them for the retreat. First thing is the Word of God. We are going to

cover the book of Haggai during the retreat since it is a very short book. And God wants me to share

His heart that He wants to pour out to us through His Word. It is the most important thing, and our

retreat is nothing without it. The second is prayer. Prayer is very much necessary for this retreat and

without prayer, there will be no power of God working in our hearts during the retreat. Without prayer,

it is impossible for our VIP to experience God working in the person’s heart. Without prayer, this

retreat will only become a hangout or a night out.


    One thing I have learned and believed is that prayer is work. It is not easy. It is hard. that is why

when the Lord Jesus was praying on the night before He was crucified, His disciples were sleeping

and Jesus told them, ““Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is

willing, but the flesh is weak.”(Matt. 26:41) But as we work hard for our jobs, and feel so good

about working hard and get reward from it later in life, let’s have tge same attitude as we prepare for

this retreat. Let’s labor. Let’s work hard in prayer. Let’s fast if we have to and let’s witness God working

through our prayers as we truly and deeply experience Him through this retreat.


    Please pray for me. I don’t want to give up on praying to God, but my flesh is weak and my

willingness to pray is weak as well. But with your prayers, I believe I can pray to God for this retreat.


    I like this person in the bible and his name is Epaphras. He was a man of prayer for His people.

Epaphras…he is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will

of God, mature and fully assured.” (Col. 4:12)


    Let’s pray for this retreat together. Let’s give ourselves to God in prayer together. Jesus will answer us faithfully.


P. Neal


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