4. Unceasing Prayer

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4. Unceasing Prayer

One day when I was about 10, my dad had to go abroad. I did not know where but as soon as

I heard he was going to take a plane to go abroad, I wanted to be on a plane too, because I had

never been on a plane before. So I asked my dad if you could go with him. My mom and dad said no.

But I REALLY WANTED TO GO. So I lied down on the floor, right next to the entrance and cried,

so that dad can’t go without me. What do you think happened next? I couldn’t go, of course.

But instead, dad gave me 5 dollars and I went to a store myself, bought a nice robot toy. I still

can’t forget that beautiful day with a beautiful weather and a victorious smile on my face

and a toy box on my shoulder.

When Jesus taught people how to pray, He wanted “to show them that they should always pray

and not give up.”(Lk 18:1) We tend to give up on praying to God. there are many reasons behind it.

And one of the main reasons we stop praying to God is because we do not see the answers right away.

Yes, there are times God answers us right at the moment. But still many times, God answers us later.

(There’s NO of course.) It takes days, months or even years. My dad prayed for about 40 years for

my uncle’s salvation and he came to Christ when he was in his 60s. I know it is a very extreme

example but still for our family it is a miracle came true.

I believe our frustration in prayer is probably because it seems like God won’t answer our ‘biblical prayers’.

We pray for people to be saved. We pray for our hearts/lives to be transformed. We pray for life

circumstances. We pray for safety and faith of persecuted Christians. We pray for world peace etc.

We pray for biblical stuff. But it seems like the answer seems far away.

But our God is faithful. He “will bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night.”(Lk 18:7)

It seems like the answers are far away, or God is not listening to us. But He hears us and He will deliver us

when we pray to Him day and night unceasingly in faith in God.

I struggle as a pastor. I am very weak as a pastor. But one thing I do not give up is to pray to God no matter

what. Because God loves me and wants to listen to my cries. So let’s pray together to God. Please cry

out to God in our prayer closets where God is waiting for you.


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